The city

Warsaw (Warszawa) can be conveniently reached by plane, train, or bus. 

There are two airports near to Warsaw: 

There are two railway stations located near to the conference venue:

  • Warsaw Central Railway Station (Dworzec Warszawa Centralna) located about 3 km from the venue, 
  • Warsaw West Railway Station (Dworzec Warszawa Zachodnia) located about 5 km from the venue.

The main Warsaw Bus Station is located in the same place as Warsaw West Railway Station.

How to reach the conference venue
The most comfortable way is to take taxi. The cost of taxi from the Warsaw Chopin Airport, the Warsaw Central Railway Station or the Warsaw West Railway Station is about 5 EURO (20 zloty) depending on the chosen taxi company. However, it is also very easy to reach the conference venue by public transportation. 

From the Warsaw Chopin Airport it can be reached by buses 175 (direction: "PL. PIŁSUDSKIEGO") and 188 (direction: "GOCŁAWEK WSCHODNI"). The buses start from bus stop "LOTNISKO CHOPINA-PRZYLOTY" located just outside the Airport. The conference venue is located close to the bus stop "BANACHA-SZPITAL".

From the Warsaw Central Railway Station it can be reached by:

  • buses 128 (direction: "SZCZĘŚLIWICE"), 175 (direction: "TERMINAL AUTOKAROWY") and 504 (direction: "OS. KABATY"). The buses start from bus stop "DW. CENTRALNY" located just outside the Station. The conference venue is located close to the bus stop "POMNIK LOTNIKA".
  • trams 7 (direction: "P+R AL. KRAKOWSKA"), 9 (direction: "P+R AL. KRAKOWSKA") and 25 (direction: "BANACHA"). The trams start from tram stop "DW. CENTRALNY" located in front of the Station. The conference venue is located close to the tram stop "OCH-TEATR".

From the Warsaw West Railway Station it can be reached by buses 182 (direction: "WITOLIN"), 187 (direction: "STEGNY") and 523 (direction: "PKP OLSZYNKA GROCHOWSKA"). The buses start from bus stop "DW. ZACHODNI" located in front of the Station. The conference venue is located close to the bus stop "POMNIK LOTNIKA ".

The Warsaw Modlin Airport is located outside the Warsaw. So to get to the conference venue you need to take a Modlinbus to the Warsaw Central Railway Station. Then you should follow above instructions.

More information about public transport in Warsaw can be found here: and “Jakdojade” is also application available for devices with Android and Apple devices. This application is helpful in finding the way to your destination in Warsaw. 

The accommodation is not proved by the organizers. The plenty of hotels and hostels are in the vicinity of the conference venue:



Distance to the conference venue

Hotel Radisson
Blu Sobieski

1.5 km

Conference Centre

1.5 km

Golden Tulip
Warsaw Centre Hotel

1.6 km

Warsaw Hotel

1.6 km

Hotel Première
Classe Varsovie

1.6 km

Hotel Ibis
Warszawa Reduta

1.6 km

Hotel Ibis budget
Warszawa Reduta

1.6 km

AB Hostel

1.5 km

Hostel Coco

2.5 km

Art Nouveau Centre

2.5 km

Student House of University
of Warsaw No. 1

200 m

Student House of University
of Warsaw No. 2

200 m


Passports and Visas
Neither passport nor Polish visa is required to enter Poland for a foreign participant of the European Union states. A personal ID card suffices. Other foreign participants are requested to hold their passports valid for at least 6 months. No Polish visas are required for citizens of most foreign countries. If needed then, please, contact the nearest Polish Consulate or consult web page of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visa arrangements. 

Insurance and liability
Participants are advised to take their own arrangements with respect to their health, travel, and property insurance. The conference organizers cannot accept liability for personal accidents, loss of belongings or damage to private properties of participants or accompanying persons either during or directly arising from the XVII International Conference of the Polish Society of Magnesium Science.

Local information
Time zone in Poland: GMT+2 h

Mobile phones: all Polish GSM operators use GSM 900/1800 network type

Emergency telephone numbers
General emergency   112
Police                         997
Fire squad                 998
Medical first aid         999

Internet connection
In the Biological and Chemical Research Centre is a WiFi network connection accessible free of charge. The access to a WiFi network connection is also in most hotels in Warsaw but you should ask about it at the chosen hotel.

Currency and credit cards
The currency unit in Poland is the Polish zloty (zł, PLN), which is subdivided into 100 grosze (gr). In January 2018, the exchange rate was about 4.18 PLN for 1 EUR and 3.50 PLN for 1 USD. You may change foreign currency at banks and in the money exchange offices located at railway stations and airports as well as near to the conference venue. Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants, and automatic cash machines.

Power voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz; CEE 7 standards; ground connection is afforded with an extra pin in a CEE 7/5 socket.

September in Poland is the end of the summer. It may be rainy as well as sunny. The average daytime temperature varies from 10 to 20°C. There is a chance of rain, so that an umbrella or raincoat are advisable. Do not forget to check the weather forecast before departure for Poland.


Człowiek jest tyle wart ile uczyni
dla drugiego

Prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz